Policy Advisory Practice

Policy Advisory Practice

Tathyavritti Legal specialises in Public Policy, Trade Policy & Economic Policy Advisory. Having a Masters in International Commercial Laws, Lead Partner Anshumaan Sahni has worked in the specialised area of International Trade Law &Policy and has extensive experience having engaged with Trade Bodies, Chambers of Commerce, Industry Bodies, Export Houses,the Government and Businesses on the above topic.

This brings the advisory on Public, Trade & Economic Policy a sense of responsibility towards ultimately adopting practices that lead to growth of manufacture / services / exports/ sales in the long run while at the same time, being able to maintain ideal operating margins by getting the best out of the polices of a government, thereby also minimising risk, but at the same time, carving out brave policies for expansion.

The intersection of GST and the fear of IBC are also conditions that affect the advisory space. Furthermore, a deeper understanding of commerce and the economy and the sector of operations; and international relations all go together to define the advisory space.

Whether it be in the space of E-Commerce, or Cryptocurrency, or Healthcare, or Travel and Tourism Sector, or child care and protection, Public Policy advise given by Tathyavritti Legal has found its clients to be cautious when entering a new area and to be careful to not be found on the wrong side of the law.

Some Recent Policy Matters Handled:

  • Advisory to an International E-Commerce Company on its negotiation stance w.r.t. International Trade Agreements being looked into by the Government of India;
  • Advisory to a Railways Authority in its commercial expansion into commercial properties leasing, etc. vis-à-vis conditions placed on the Authority under existing laws and suggesting their easing through changes of law and policy;
  • Advisory to an International Company looking to bring in the market Medical Devices in the sphere of ‘pleasure device’;
  • Advisory to International Cruise Liners (through an Association representing all Cruise Liners) on the issue of payment of Customs Duty for stores consumed onboard the ships during their time of presence in Indian Waters;
  • Advisory to an International Management Consultancy on incentives given to an Indian F&B Entityupon its takeover by a foreign entity; and
  • Advisory given to a Media House on history, laws and policy in dealing with financial frauds from 1990 until 2019 for an upcoming series.
  • Advisory to an Indian Light and Power Company on the set up of Solar Park and also on the import of Solar Power Equipment, which are currently subject to extra duties, owing to the prevailing Trade Wars in the international sphere.