Maritime & Offshore Exploration;

Defence Production & Procurment

The Team at Tathyavritti Legal brings together individuals who have immense experience in the fields of defence production and procurement having worked as suppliers themselves to the Armed Forces of India with proven track record.

Using vast line experience in maritime and oil & gas sectors, they also advise on and conclude maritime contracts, offshore exploration contracts, which makes the operation space of the team quite widespread. Combined this with the team’s knowledge and experience in the field of specialist contracts in this space, and there is a stop solution for clients.

Owing to new technologies being applied in the defence space, our Intellectual Property team also intersects in this space.With their expertise in seeing first-hand the emergence of new technologies in terms of silent propulsion, supersonic propulsion, payload deployment secure communications, robotics and remotely operated devices, weapons delivery systems, bringing a deeper understanding to the tech that ultimatelydrives this space, i.e., C4I; TvT brings together a unique understanding of the actual tech in order to be able to advise on legal issues that crop up from time to time.

As a Team we are proficient in advising in the field of defence production and procurement in spaces that encompass Intellectual Property, Procurement Policy, Regulatory and Commercial exploitation. We also offer business advisory on Make in India – Offsets & Exports operations.

Our network of Consultants includes members of Defence Production Industries of Israel, United States of America, Russia, France, Germany and United Kingdom and we also officer advise on Indian companies looking to export to other countries / collaborate with other foreign manufacturers.